European Publication issues from an Austrian perspective

Claus-Christian CARBON


Publishing in Austria faces several barriers: Austria (1) has a small number of scientists compared
with the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) average and only
recently benefited from higher research intensities, (2) it has not yet made the full switch to English as
lingua franca, (3) it has not yet developed an efficient Open-Access strategy, (4) it has a lower number
of journal gatekeepers than expected by publication output, (5) it faces several legal barriers which
interfere with scientific publications. The present article describes the publication situation in Austria in
detail and develops strategies for successful publishing in the highly competitive scientific community
of future Europe.
Key words: scientific communication, psychology, information dissemination; online publishing;
open access; journals; Austria, Europe, ISI Web of Science, lingua franca, language; gatekeeper,
publisher, scientometrics

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ISSN: 1866-6140 | ZPID • Leibniz Institut