Psychology Publishing in Portugal: Hardships and Disappointment follows Expectations

Filomena PARADA


Recently, to publish or to perish has become a motto governing most of researchers work. In
Portugal, what makes the whole process so prone to hardships and disappointments is the lack of
resources, mainly financial. At least, that’s what most of the interviewees – researchers working mostly
at some of the major Portuguese public universities – mentioned. Such a lack of resources is crosssectional
to all aspects under analysis: accessibility, costs, reviewing, time delay, language, impact and
reputation. However, some additional specificities must be pointed out, namely those deriving from a
lack of organization (e.g., absence of national databases) or from the need to, most of the time, publish
in a non-native language due to impact and reputation issues, with all the reviewing and time delay
question specifically deriving from it. Finally, participants’ expectation and/or suggestions concerning
an Open Access European Psychology Publication Platform will be outlined.
Key words: psychology; scientific communication; open access; funding; language; time delay;
reputation; databases; Portugal

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ISSN: 1866-6140 | ZPID • Leibniz Institut