Introduction and some Ideas as well as Visions on an Open Access European Psychology Publication Platform



After a short description of the organization, tasks, and activities of the Institute for Psychology
Information (ZPID – Leibniz-Institute/Germany) possibilities of enhancing European cooperation on
psychology publication issues are stressed upon. Arguments for its necessity refer to some turning
points of history in the languages of science and to some problems of Anglo-American dominance in
psychology publications, which are illustrated by bibliometric results on authors’ affiliations and
publication languages represented in the PsycINFO database. The vision of a European Psychology
Publication Platform (EPPP) is developed including some considerations about its objectives and scope,
principles, submission procedure and guidelines as well as review process and evaluation.
Key words: scientific communication; psychology; Europe; bibliometrics; information
dissemination; databases; open access; online publishing

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ISSN: 1866-6140 | ZPID • Leibniz Institut