European Psychology Publication Platform: Issues and Perspectives



This paper presents a brief summary of the Survey on European Psychology Publication Issues and
the Berlin workshop. Six issues of main concern are discussed: (1) Language, (2) review process, (3)
manuscript handling, (4) impact (visibility), (5) permission barriers (accessibility) and (6) price barriers
(cost). These issues are the concerns of non-native English speaking Europeans as they experienced in
their home countries. As a solution, a possible conceptualization of a European open access publication
platform for psychology is presented. Giving more visibility to scientific work, disseminating
information easy and more broadly and with new features not found in existing journals an open access
platform may be the right direction. Concrete plans for the future on organizational, technical and
funding issues are addressed.
Key words: psychology; scientific communication; information dissemination; journals; open
access; online publishing; language; funding

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ISSN: 1866-6140 | ZPID • Leibniz Institut