The development of scientific psychological publishing in Italy



In the last ten years, the question about the possibility of entering the psychological scientific information
has come to the fore. We know that scientific psychological information about research
has not been placed at all psychologists’ disposal.
Today in Italy, in spite of this, the scientific and research activity has been carried out by a marginal
segment of psychologists who mostly work in the Academic area, but an important part of professional
psychologists devote themselves to research, above all in the clinical field. Researchers in
Psychology publish an average of one article per year, almost always in the national language.
The CRUI (Italian Universities vice-chancellors Conference) has arranged an assessment parameter
system for research taking into account the kind and place of editing, the score is from one to ten for
editing in journals with a high Impact Factor, from one to twelve for books published both in Italy
and abroad, from 0.1 to four for congress works, from 0.5 to five and from 0.2 to three for articles,
included or excluded in the Journal citation report.
Key words: scientific communication; psychology; Italy; information dissemination; evaluation

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