Psychology Publication Issues in the Czech Republic



The aim of this paper is to present the current situation and the view of psychology publication
policy in Czech Republic. The presentation provided a platform for discussion. It summarized sixthcentury
progress in the development of scientific language. The current publication situation in
Psychology in the Czech Republic was described. The present article reports on the journals:
Czechoslovak Psychology (Prague) in comparison with the journal Studia psychologica (Bratislava),
about their impact factors and citation indexes; Psychology in Economical Practice; E-Psychologie;
Psychology Today; two proceedings: Annales Psychologici (Brno) and Varia psychologica (Olomouc);
News of the Czech-Moravian Psychological Society. In the Czech Republic, there seems to be a wish
for the enlargement of the publication policy tailored to European perspectives; this is the challenge.
Key words: scientific communication; psychology; information dissemination; journals; language;
publication policy, linguistic diversity, online publishing; Czech Republic

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