Open Access Publishing – A Challenge for Russian Psychology



Publication practices in Russian psychology have changed a lot since the break-up of the Soviet
Union, but still differ substantially from those in the Western countries. In the last decade, an exponential
growth of the number of scientific psychological journals was observed, but in general, scientific
publishing is not a profitable business in Russia. There is a lot of variability in the accessibility and
quality of the journals. In sum, psychological publishing in today’s Russia is not well developed. Open
access (OA) publishing technologies seem to bring clear benefits to Russian psychology, but there are
some problems that prevent their ready acceptance. First, there is a linguistic problem – Russian readers
and writers have bad command of foreign languages. Second, there is a problem of background –
Russian readers and writers are not used to Western-style research papers. Third, there is an economic
problem – it is unclear, whether Russian universities and funding agencies will ever be ready to support
publications in OA-journals. Thus, self-archiving and no-fee OA seem to be the most obvious ways to
introduce OA to Russian psychologists.
Key words: psychology; scientific communication; information dissemination; journals; open
access; online publishing; language; funding; trends; Russia

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