The Psychology Publication Situation in Cyprus



The aim of the present paper was to review the psychological publication situation in Cyprus.
Psychology is a very young field of study in Cyprus, whereas research and publishing are more recent
additions. It seems that only within the past decade with the advent of academic institutions hiring
academic psychologists has psychological research and publishing become a priority. In order to
explore questions of interest relevant to publication issues, a questionnaire was developed by the author
and was distributed to psychologists in all accredited tertiary educational institutions in Cyprus.
Although the publication world of Cyprus is limited in number, based on the responses provided, it
appears that Cypriot academic psychologists are active in the publication world and do not currently
face many problems. At this time Cyprus does not have its own psychological journal and it does not
appear that it is in the process of creating such a journal. Therefore the idea of a European publication
platform may be more of a reality and may even address some of the current needs and future
difficulties that Cypriot psychologists may face in their attempts at publishing their work
Key words: psychology; scientific communication; information dissemination; online publishing;
journals; trends; Cyprus

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